Stronger Than Yesterday

Shop | April 04, 2016

People who grew up with me would know that fine pens and markers have always been my lettering weapon of choice. I’ve used up too many Unipin pens and Sharpies that I’ve lost count. But about late last year, I decided to try my hand at watercolor for a change. It has also become a popular medium since the brush lettering trend clicked so I figured I’d give it a shot but use it in my own way (of course).

This is officially my first watercolor lettering piece. I’m still all about exploring the medium so I chose to stay on the safe zone and worked with only black pigment. But I’m quite satisfied with how this turned out! Working on this was effective practice for me. 

I’m a nineties kid. And I grew up jamming to the hits of 90’s pop icons like Christina Aguilera, Nsync and Britney Spears-– song “Stronger” included. And the memory couldn’t have surfaced at a better time. It was during one of our more difficult marathon training days that this particular “Stronger than Yesterday” chorus randomly entered my head. I guess I was just really having a tough time and this was my mind’s way of responding (?) It’s funny. Because I never ever thought that a Britney song could encourage me the way it did that day. The “loneliness” part of the song may have nothing to do with what I was dealing with at that moment I was running but this particular line sure did give me more that enough motivation to finish our course. As a happy teen, I would sing along to this with no regard for its meaning. But now that I’ve gone through so much (much more than marathon training), it makes sense. And it has become relevant. Lately, this has served as a reminder for me to see the opportunity for growth even in the midst of struggle.