SR x Design Cafe

Workshops | October 10, 2015

My workshop in collaboration with Design Café (at Heima Brixton) last month was my very first Basic Lettering Workshop. A total of 14 students attended which made it a relatively large batch. I’ve always thought a group of 8-10 students was the ideal size just so I could make sure each one is properly mentored. As a kid, I’ve always appreciated the hands-on teaching styles of my creative mentors. Hence, this is how I always hoped I could execute my classes. So yes, 14 was a tad overwhelming, but I tried not to let that stop me from overseeing each student’s progress and output. And well, as they say, the more the merrier!

Calligraphy vs. Lettering

Calligraphy is the art of writing letters while Lettering is the art of drawing letters.

We do a lot of drills.

Because practice makes progress.

It took us almost 5 hours to finish the entire course. We spent the first half discussing the basics and working on warm-up drills (which, okay, caused some hands to ache by break time—sorry, guys!) and the second half, we dedicated for their final artworks.

I was pretty lucky with this batch cause all of them already seemed like they had a bit of practice (even if most of them said they’ve never had lessons before.) Teaching them was  easier than I expected and I honestly enjoyed every bit of our afternoon session.

My favorite part was watching them create their pieces. It was so exciting for me to see works that went beyond the lesson / examples because that’s when I really saw each one’s personality, unique technique and creativity. It was all very interesting to watch! These ladies did a really good job!

Lettering takes time.

It involves making calculated design decisions.

And here they are– Letters By Design Batch 1, everyone!

Congratulations, ladies!

* top to bottom: Tabby Teodoro, Joyce Ramos, Roxy Navarro, Gail Gloria, Blanche Uy, Sam Sze, Joyce Castillo, Sab Bajao, Anne Marcelino, Joanne Villacruz  / no portraits: Inna Valdez, Jenny Talam, Mel Mora, Lourdes Lavado

Registration for Letters By Design (Batch 2) on October 24 is still open. CLICK HERE to view the details.

Special thanks to:

Design Cafe for the venue  /  Sunday Paper Co. and Nava Boutique for some kit materials  /  Bayani Brew and Cookie Bar Manila for the snacks  /  Jaja Ferrer and Gian Aguilar for the photos  /  ANC lifestyle show, Cityscape, for the tv feature!