Love & Lyrics

Merchandise Design, Nava Boutique | November 11, 2015

The collection is entitled “Love & Lyrics” inspired by the old classic song, La Vie En Rose, popularized by French songwriter, Edith Piaf. The title literally means “Life in pink” or “Life through rose-colored glasses” in english.

I decided to use freehand brush lettering for most of the prints to mimmick the romantic styles of old handwritten love letters. Aside from these, two simple illustrations (flowers and a heart), and my old “LOVE” print which I included in the mix simply because it continues to be among my favorite personal works.

So there it is! Just simple, casual, relatable, accessible. Hope you like this one. :)

This collection is NOW AVAILABLE in all Nava Boutique branches. Nava is located at Shoppesville (flagship), Market! Market!, Trinoma and Fairview Terraces. You may follow Nava Boutique on Instagram or Facebook for updates. *collection is not available for purchase online*