SR x Sunday Paper Co.

Workshops | October 10, 2015

It’s always been a dream of mine to hold a lettering workshop, to be able to share and teach others the beauty of this craft. Last August, this dream finally came to a reality. When Sunday Paper Co (SPC), a Manila-based paper goods brand, invited me to run a “gathering” (or workshop) with them, I didn’t hesitate for a second. It was just the opportunity I was waiting for.

It was my first workshop ever and it wasn’t a basic class so I have to admit, It was a bit challenging. Since branding was the direction, I had to make sure that all the points were relevant and can be easily applied to any type of business.

For this collaboration, SPC and I wanted to teach something more specific. Since I’ve been applying lettering to my own business, we came up with this idea of me sharing about how I do it for retail / branding purposes. And so, we aptly named the workshop “Lettering + Retail”

Unlike a basic class, this one encourages brainstorming and finding a comfortable style and is ideal for those who already have a background in basic lettering. Drills are limited, but application of the lecture is practiced in the final activity.

It was a good run and I really enjoyed it! I myself learned so much from this bunch. To the participants, thank you very much for coming and for spending the afternoon with me and Sunday Paper Co! It was great meeting you all! We hope you learned a lot!


UPCOMING WORKSHOP: Lettering for Beginners (October 24) sign up HERE.

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Video and all photos by Jaja Ferrer